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Thread: The Official Rugbydump Forum & Site Rules

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    Exclamation Please read before posting

    We're not the IRB, but we do need to maintain a certain set of rules to keep things in order. Therefore, please give these a read and make sure you're aware of them before you post/comment on anything on the forum or the main site.

    1. Stay polite at all times... where possible..
    I know your team lost on the weekend and you have a chip on your shoulder and want to have a go at everyone you come across. That's not my problem. Have a go if you want, but if it's deemed to be over the top then you'll most probably end up taking a cold shower earlier than expected.

    2. Discussions regarding
    illegal copyright material will not be allowed
    For legal reasons, we can't have you discussing anything to do with the process involved in obtaining illegal content, whether it be video, music, or software. There are other forums for that.
    This includes P2P, Usenet/ Ftp etc.
    Questions about downloaded or otherwise illegally obtained/used versions of games are related to obviously illegal activity; your thread will be closed and you will be banned unfortunately.

    3. Racism
    Racism of any form or sort will not be tolerated, simple. This isn't colour specific, and includes insulting any particular person (or country) simply because they're from that nation.

    4. No insulting other board members

    We're all here because we have one thing in common, and that's rugby. A friendly, mature attitude is expected of you and if you can't adhere to that simple request then you're not welcome.
    If for whatever reason you feel that somebody has treated you unfairly or isn't being a team player, notify the admin and he'll take care of it.

    5. Please stick to the topic
    I understand that some people may be new to forums and are still finding their way around, but that's no excuse for laziness and posting in the wrong sections. If you've posted in the wrong section your thread will either be moved or deleted, dependant on the level of stupidity.

    Do not advertise!
    It is forbidden to advertise anything that includes links to any website, unless it is clearly informative. Sticking a link to yours or to your favourite site in your signature is fine, but trying to promote a site in a way that is considered sneaky or slimy is not cool and you'll soon get the chop.

    7. Don't moderate but do report posts breaking the rules.
    If you see any of these rules being broken, don't reply to such posts – especially in an offending way – because that's not your job. Instead, report them to the moderators please.

    8. Do not complain about the rules
    It's our site and we feel these rules are necessary. If you disagree you are more than welcome to write the admin a mail about it, but believe me, these have been thoroughly thought though and are all here for a reason.

    9. Where possible, these rules apply to the main video site too
    Keeping commenting clean on is important, so please use common sense and keep these few rules in mind when posting a comment about a video on the main site.

    10. Linking to other rugby videos
    Where possible, we'd prefer if, in the interest of Rugbydump's continued success, you don't link to rugby videos on here that are clearly from one of our accounts. Any video that we have stored on Youtube or elsewhere is there for a reason and will be used at some stage. Posting a link to them in the forum is frowned upon as it goes against the objectives of RD, which is to get everyone on the site and build a great community here, not elsewhere.

    The breaking of the rules will be judged entirely at the moderators discretion. In some cases banning will be permanent, but in most a friendly warning will hopefully sort out the problem and prevent further misconduct.

    Thanks guys and with that out the way, we look forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts on the wonderful game, the game played in heaven, Rugby.
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