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Thread: The French rugby godfather is dead.

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    Default The French rugby godfather is dead.

    Albert Ferrasse died at 93.

    The most hated man in french rugby.

    To his credit, he hardly worked with Danie Craven for Springboks' come back on the international circus.

    All the rest, a very long career of manipulation, corruption, favoritism, and a lot of broken carreers.
    "It was not medical session that Jonny Wilkinson had passed for us, it was an autopsy." Mourad Boudjellal, Toulon chairman.

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    don't you think you're a bit harsh?
    He was the first french IRB chairman, he was one of the "creators" of the world cup and he created a foundation to help injured rugby players so i don't personally hate him but of course i won't say he was "blanc comme neige"

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