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Thread: Amazing try after four bounces on goal posts!

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    Default Amazing try after four bounces on goal posts!

    I came across this video while perusing the NSW rugby/Waratahs website. They only had a description of it and then a link to the video, but it caught my attention becuase it involves a side i once played for; Central West under 21's. Central west is a region rep team, that feeds into NSW Country which technically feeds into the waratahs. They were playing Illawarra under 21's and scored a fluke of a try to win the match, they attempted a penalty which hit the side post, then the cross bar, then the side post again, then finally the cross bar again before someone chasing through from Central West caught the ball and scored. See this link for the video from the local news:

    Anyway, i'm not sure of the date or anything, but enjoy!

    Perro Rojo

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