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Thread: Incredible Tries

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    Default Incredible Tries

    In the match between Worcester and Exeter on Saturday there were two incredible tries in the first half, one from each side.

    For Exeter, Tom Arscott managed to catch and ground the ball right on the edge of the in-goal area before it went dead - a pretty impressive piece of skill!

    Then for Worcester, Miles Benjamin got an incredible piece of luck as he kicked a ball ahead way too hard, but rather than go dead it bounced off the crossbar allowing him to score! Incredibly lucky!

    Would be great to see on the site.

    Thanks, G!

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    Not sure how I missed that one. What a game! ITV/PremiershipRugby highlights are awful, but here they are anyway, for those that haven't seen it

    Unfortunately I hadn't read your post until a few minutes ago, otherwise I might have made a plan to feature the game, and tries. Apologies.

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